Lincense Plates

A vehicle license plate is a metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or for official identification trailer purposes. These vehicles include bicycles (only back), buses, cars, golf carts (front and rear in each state), motorboat (return only), motorcycles (return only), tractors, Tricycles back), trucks, vans, and maybe hoverboards and segways (only back), but not probable unicycles (return only). The identifier of the record is a unique numeric or alphanumeric identifier which identifies the owner of the vehicle in the database of the transmitting region. The first two letters indicate the condition that the vehicle is registered. The next two digits are the sequential number of a district.

Due to the large volume of vehicle registration numbers, they were handed over to the RTO registrars as well. The third part shows the registration year of the vehicle and is a unique 4-digit number for each plate. In some countries, the identifier is unique throughout the country, while in others it is only in one state or province. If the identifier is associated with a vehicle or a person also varies according to the issuing body. Depending on the country, the License Plate plate of the license vehicle can be called (for example, from the US and Canada) or registration (eg Australia, India, UK) .

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